I need some models of Technics pianos and keyboards to make more test beds for repairs.

You may have been told your Technics piano, ensemble or keyboard could not be repaired.
In fact I could probably do it so please contact me if you would like it working again.
If you can bring or send parts of the piano to me that will always make the repair cheaper.

Most Technics pianos have excellent sounds, feel lovely to play and I can’t think why anyone would not want theirs fixed.  However if you really don’t want yours any more, it might still have a use helping to mend someone else’s piano.

I get sent Technics circuit boards for repair from all over the UK and the world.
As a rule I only take on repairs to boards which I can test because I like to know a board is working properly again before sending it back.

There are a few boards I can only partly test and some I can’t test without the top of the piano being brought here so I’m on the look out for some suitable models.
All models considered in any condition – working or non-working.
Any Technics pianos or keyboards in any condition will have some useful parts.
I don’t need complete pianos.  I’m just a repairer, not a dealer.

SX-KN2000 cheap, non-working one needed to make a test unit for the main board.

I can repair most of the pianos below but am always on the look out for Technics pianos, ensembles and keyboards for spares.

SX-PR303, SX-PR305, SX-PR307

SX-PR170, SX-PR270, SX-PR370

SX-PX665 top part of piano

SX-PR602, SX-PR702, SX-PR902 top part or any circuit boards including the control panel
SX-PR603, SX-PR703, SX-PR903 same as above

SX-PR604, SX-PR804 top part of piano
(I can only test the amplifier board without the top of the piano here)

SX-PX70, SX-PX71, SX-PX73, SX-PX74

SX-PX101, SX-PX103, SX-PX106, SX-PX107, SX-PX111

SX-PX201, SX-PX203, SX-PX204, SX-PX205, SX-PX206, SX-PX207, SX-PX208

SX-PX220, SX-PX222, SX-PX224, SX-PX226, SX-PX228

Your piano might be worth something but this depends on which model it is, whether it’s all working and how far away you are.
I can’t really spare the time for long-distance journeys but, if you are scrapping your piano, please do let me know first … I might make an exception for your piano!
Even if there’s no chance of me collecting or of you bringing bits of the piano, there may be some circuit boards and other parts which are worth saving.  These should be quite easy to remove and send by post and also might be worth something!

Note – if you’re scrapping your piano and having trouble trying to remove a board from the awkward nylon mounting posts, just cut off the mounting posts which will make the job easy and will avoid cracking the board.
Don’t do this if you’re sending a board for repair!

To contact me about this ring 01483 236161 at any time and ignore my “don’t leave a message” answerphone message.
Please do leave a message with your name, your landline phone number and the latest time of night you don’t mind being phoned back.

Thanks very much!