More specific info on relevant pages e.g. for Technics repairs look on the Technics page … !

Highest quality repairs to a few major brands of electronic musical instruments such as digital pianos, professional and home keyboards, floppy disc or disk drives etc. using manufacturer’s original parts if possible and if not, using components of better specification.

Portable instruments such as home keyboards, synths, stage pianos etc must be brought to me for repair.  Even the top of most home digital pianos is quite portable for two people.
I do not have time to collect or return goods.  I live just outside Guildford in Surrey.
Look on a map to see where Guildford is.  If it’s too far for you to come then don’t phone me!

For non-transportable instruments I might come and carry out work in your home.
It depends on where you live and on the nature of the repair i.e. what needs doing.
The cheapest way is to bring your repair to me.  This will always save you money.
The top section of most digital pianos will fit in most cars.
For some Technics piano repairs you might only need to send me a circuit board.

ORGAN REPAIRS – I used to repair all makes and models of home organ but as the demand for this has dropped from 30 repairs a week to 5 or 6 repairs a year I have decided to stop doing these altogether (with very few exceptions).

Now I am limiting my repairs to Technics, Roland, Korg, Yamaha and not much else.
Most of my service manuals are for sale.  Please ring if you need one.

Info about INSURANCE CLAIMS on Home page.

Modern electronic pianos, keyboards etc. do NOT need servicing
Is your piano or keyboard playing ok?  Then it does NOT need anything doing to it.
If anyone recommended servicing my electronic piano, as opposed to just repairing it,
I wouldn’t let them.  I know these products only need attention when they go wrong.
It is a waste of money to have all your piano’s contacts cleaned or changed if it’s playing normally apart from a couple of notes.
It is standard practice for me to vacuum out the muck and fluff that accumulates inside.
It costs almost nothing to do and lessens the chance of more contact problems but it is not necessary to replace contacts or contact boards unless there is bad corrosion from a spillage.
It is wrong to charge people for something which doesn’t need doing.
As the saying goes “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!”

Many of my customers have said that their music shop told them their piano or keyboard could not be repaired.  Owners of Technics pianos usually get told this when trying to find an engineer or technician who repairs Technics.
Most music shops do not carry out repairs so are not really able to advise on repairs.
You would be better advised by someone like myself who is only a repairer because,
unlike a shop, I won’t try to sell you a new one!

Goods here for repair are at your own risk entirely as they are not insured for any eventuality.
Goods here for repair will be sold or disposed of if there has been no word from the owner for 6 months.