Korg 01/W FD with new backlight (EL panel) for sale – not on ebay

Good condition.  Was all working OK when I last tested it.
When I have a buyer I’ll check it all through again.

The EL backlights in many old Korg synths have either died by now or
have become very difficult to read because the backlight is dim or has failed.

I fitted a new replacement backlight and the display is easy to read now.

Collect only – am not risking posting this!

SOLD – may have another one for sale in a while
Also in the process of repairing an 01R/W for sale

No bag or case

Owner’s manual can be downloaded here


Replacement backlights are likely to be needed for any of the older Korgs like M1, M1R, 01/W, 01/W FD, 01R/W, T2, T3, i3 and Wavestations.  Roland and Yamaha synths of this age also suffer from the same problem.  Typically Roland D50, D70, Yamaha W5, W7.

Getting to the display is not easy in most synths.  Fitting a new EL panel can be  a bit of a fiddle (and usually needs quick, accurate soldering)  but it’s nothing like as difficult as getting to the display in the first place.  The display is usually the last thing you get to having completely disembowelled the synth.  Definitely not a job for anyone.  You need to be the sort of person who is really, really good at taking things apart – very methodically – and getting everything back together perfectly in a piece of equipment you’ve never seen before.  I can do this for you.  I do this sort of work all the time for a living.

Leslie tremolo unit – single speed, one motor 234v, internal type, polystyrene rotor

Leslie tremolo unit part number 984-025528-200
EMI number 541270
220 volt 50 Hz on this label but motor says 234V – 50/60Hz
Leslie motor part numbers
GI AA-5 29105-65

Lowrey part number 138487

No loud speaker – surround perished on original.
Takes 8 inch speaker.  Mounting holes at approx 9.5 inch diameter.

Internally mounted type as in home organs.  NOT a Leslie cabinet.
Needs to be mounted in something.

Think the drum rotates about a horizontal axis.

Does not include anything like switches but can supply if required.

Collect only – £20

No guarantee in view of age

Leslie tremolo unit – 2 speed, 240v, internal, polystyrene drum, horizontal axis

Internally mounted type from a home organ.  NOT a Leslie cabinet!
Needs to be mounted in something.
Includes loud speaker and drive belt.
15 ohms   8 inch or possibly 10 inch speaker (hard to tell without dismantling)

Could be made into a guitar leslie effect speaker tremolo unit.

Tested on 240 volts.  Working but needs new, small O ring for slow / chorale motor.
The O ring is smaller diameter than the one used in many Leslie cabinets.
Motors are physically smaller than the ones used in many Leslie cabinets.
Genuine Leslie motors but part numbers have faded and can’t be read.

Does not include speed control switches or suppression capacitors.
Can supply these if required.

Collect only – £40

No guarantee in view of age

Technics SX-PR350 Control Panel complete inc display and all circuit boards pcbs

Collect only

Technics SX-PX554 Control Panel complete inc display and all circuit boards pcbs

Collect only