Floppy disk/disc drives, new FDD units for Technics for sale

Brand new FDD units in stock for the following Technics models

EA3, EA5
KC600, KC611
KN901, KN920, KN930, KN1400, KN1500, KN1600, KN2400, KN3000, KN3500
KN6000, KN6500, KN7000
PR51, PR52, PR53, PR54, PR500, PR600, PR700, PR900, PR950,
PR602, PR702, PR902, PR603, PR703, PR903, PR604, PR804, PR1000
PX336, PX338, PX665

I do not have FDD units for the models below but may be able to repair yours
F100, FA1, G100, GA1, GA2, GA3
KN1200, KN5000
PR170, PR270, PR370, PR303, PR305, PR307


Technics loud speakers for sale – not on ebay

Genuine Technics loud speakers for sale

EAST20PL02A or EAST20PL02A6  20 cm  6 ohms  bass speaker e.g. PR902  £60

EAS15S09A  13 x 6 cm  8 ohms  mid-range speaker  £20

EAS65PH31A or EAS65PH31A3  6.5 cm  8 ohms  tweeter   £10

Prices exclude postage

Roland FP8 88-note stage piano – all new hammers – not on ebay

Roland FP8 88-note stage piano – 88 new hammers, all properly greased
“Properly” means all 352 greasing points have been done using the correct grease.
For the record, that’s nearly £400 worth of hammers and grease!

Main board repaired and tested.  All the SMT capacitors have been replaced.

Fully operational

Condition – obviously well used.  Colour – grey.

No accessories, no stand or music rest or pedal

Collect only – £650 o.n.o.

Not that you’d really need the Owners Manual because the controls are self explanatory but it can be downloaded from Roland U.S. website www.rolandus.com

Leslie tremolo unit – 2 speed – Rotosonic wooden drum – not on ebay

Internal unit.  Strongly made in wood.  Will stand by itself but needs some sort of covering to make it look smart and also for electrical and physical safety

Could be made into a guitar leslie speaker tremolo effect unit.

Leslie part number 820308E.  EMI number 518102

Full-size motors as in the early Leslie Tone Cabinets – 117 volt  50/60 Hz motors
Motor bearings feel free i.e. not siezed but will no doubt need oiling

Wooden Rotosonic drum with 9″ x 5″ loud speaker and Mercotac mercury connector.
Axis of rotation is horizontal, not vertical, so motors lie horizontally

Proper Leslie fabric covered belt

This unit also has a switching control circuit board fitted.
This should allow mains switching between the motors to be controlled by a low voltage – maybe by switching earth (ground) to one or other control wire.
Might have the info somewhere but will only hunt for this for the buyer.

Collect only – too heavy to post – £100 o.n.o.

No guarantee in view of age

EME-213 floppy disk drive units and FDD repairs

EME213 disk drive

This is used in various Technics pianos, keyboards and organs and in some other makes like Korg and Yamaha.

I don’t sell these but can usually repair them.  If not, I can usually modify a standard drive to work.  This is more expensive because it takes a lot longer.  The standard drive has different connectors so I have to provide these and hand-wire them to the disk drive connector or interface board / pcb.

Repair cost depends on the amount of work
Could be anywhere from £60 to £160 + p&p costs