Any Technics digital pianos & ensembles for sale or to give away?

Occasionally someone asks if I have a piano for sale.  If my own one is suitable they might buy it.  Then I’m without a piano so I keep a look out for something else.  Life is not the same without a piano to play!  I usually end up getting a Technics because I like the sound of them and I particularly like the action (how the keys feel to play) of the later models.

Incidentally, I do need any non-working Technics pianos or keyboards for parts please.  Don’t throw it away – I might be able to repair it for you.

Although I’m always repairing Technics pianos and circuit boards, this doesn’t mean that there are working pianos lurking about everywhere.  Sometimes someone brings the top half of their piano here but I can’t play it until I’ve repaired it.  It would be no fun anyway because it’s in an awkward position on the workbench and it doesn’t have its pedals.  You can’t play a piano without a damper pedal unless you’re playing boogie or a style which doesn’t need the pedal.  So I need a piano of my own which I can just sit down at and play without having to reassemble one of my test pianos.

I’ve just bought a Technics digital ensemble SX-PR703M but it will need a lot of work doing to the main board and will almost certainly need a major refurbishment of the amplifier boards before I can play it.  I still have to finish a few repairs of circuit boards for customers before I can start on my own piano.  I’m a repairer, not a dealer, so I always give repairs priority.  I know what will happen – I’ll get it all done and then someone will want to buy it!

I’m very fussy about the piano I play so if or when it gets sold, you can be certain that everything on it will have been tested and it will be in full working order – and if not, for any reason, I would say so.

It would be almost certainly still be in pretty good condition having only had home use – mine and the any previous owners.

I do have my mum’s old acoustic piano to play but this would wake up the household at the stupid times I feel like playing!  I don’t sit down to play very often so when I do, it could be several hours before I stop!

At the moment I don’t have a piano I can play in the middle of the night so I also don’t have a piano which I could sell to anyone.

If you are looking for a good used piano, do ask as I might have something suitable.  The price would be what it cost me plus what it would have cost to do the repairs.  This is a much safer bet than buying through ebay or gumtree because you know that the piano has been repaired properly by me.  Not blowing my own trumpet but it often seems that I’m the only person in the world who repairs Technics and who does the job properly!  Nearly all the work done by other repairers that I’ve seen is of a very low standard which is a pretty tragic state of affairs.


Keyboards, stage pianos, expanders and more

A-frame – beautiful, light-weight professional stand – aluminum colour tube, black fittings. Holds up to 4 keyboards at various heights and angles. Better for studio set up than gigging as it’s not designed for quick assembly – £120 o.n.o. collect only

3-tier double X stand – very strong – well-used but all ok – £75 collect only

Kawai R50e drum machine – orig box and owners book, incl power supply – £100 plus carriage

Roland RA-90 expander with accompaniments (styles) – versatile MIDI spec – this is essentially a Roland E-70 without any keys, amplifier or speakers. You need to send it MIDI to play it and you need an amplifier so you can hear it. Price when new about £1200.
Condition – a bit scruffy – extra hole for unknown purpose. Think it’s all working properly apart from the encoders which need replacing –
In present condition £130 plus delivery. With encoders done £250 plus delivery

Roland U-20 synth – no box, no books – very good external condition
if “sold as seen” will have lots of keys and buttons not working – £100 collect only
if fully refurbished all keys and buttons will be working – £250 collect only

Roland Rhodes 760 – similar to U-20 – no box, no books – quite good external condition
if “sold as seen” will have lots of keys and buttons not working – £150 collect only
if fully refurbished all keys and buttons will be working – £300 collect only

Roland RD200 76-note stage piano – classic sound and action! – £300 o.n.o. – collect only

Pair of Class-D loudspeakers. Passive, not active. Rated at 500W r.m.s. each. 15″ bass driver, 2″ compression horn, speakon connectors, pole-mounting hole. BOTH HORNS HAVE BLOWN when some idiot bellowed through the PA at a New Years Eve gig. Hence really stupid clear out price. Fantastic PA speakers for live band or disco. Excellent condition – have had very little use – been used less than a dozen times. Have original boxes. Fit new horns and they’re fully operational again. Don’t fit new horns and they make good bass cabs – have used them very successfully to amplify the bass drum at a big outdoor gig. Reason for sale – have another PA system and don’t need these now. Price £100 the pair. The bass speakers alone are worth more than this! Collect only.

Akai MIDI processing unit – very useful for live or studio use with a basic controlling keyboard (or old synthesizer or home keyboard) which can only send MIDI on Channel 1. Can also be used with anything sending MIDI on channel 1 to create splits and/or layers.
This unit converts Channel 1 data into up to 4 zones each of which can have its own channel (duplicate channels allowed), octave (+/-3), program change number (1-128), and high/low note limits – making it ideal for creating splits and/or layers on your multi-timbral sound generator (or on several sound generators). Saves 64 such set-ups. Probably needs new lithium battery by now.
New, boxed but now not guaranteed in view of clear out price. £50 plus carriage.

2.8″ (2.8 inch) Quikdisk (Quick disc/disk). Possibly repairable. As used in Yamaha EMQ-1, Roland PR-100, MT-100, S-50 I think and maybe others. Disks for these are no longer available as far as I know. I don’t have any either! Price depends on if it can be repaired and how long it took.

3.5″ (3.5 inch) floppy disc/disk drives from Roland, Technics, Yamaha, Korg and many other makes – can supply replacement drives or repair and test many of the FDD (Floppy Disc/disk Drive) units used in these.

Yamaha F-310 steel strung acoustic – pretty good condition – needs new strings. Price £50 collect only

Payment by cash or BACS only. Postage extra. Large, heavy items: collect only.


Leslie Half-Moon Switches

Lots in stock – various types and various conditions.

Some old engraved ones, some later ones with the printed label.

Would take too long to list and photograph all these. If you’re looking for a particular half-moon switch, leave me a message saying EXACTLY which one you want.

I will call back to UK numbers (landlines or mobiles) but not overseas.

If you live outside the UK I might reply by email but emails must be kept very short and factual.

I will not enter into discussions about anything by email.


Reverb units, trays & spring lines – Accutronics, Gibbs, Hammond various

Please leave a message on my answerphone saying EXACTLY which reverb unit you need and either a UK telephone number or your email address

Will make a proper list of the reverb trays and spring lines eventually

Prices from £10 upwards plus postage & packing

Some examples of bad soldering

This was done by a so-called "repairer"!

This was done by a so-called “repairer”!

Close up of customer's soldering attempt

Customer’s soldering PR903 main board