Leslie tremolo unit – 2 speed – Rotosonic wooden drum – not on ebay

Internal unit.  Strongly made in wood.  Will stand by itself but needs some sort of covering to make it look smart and also for electrical and physical safety

Could be made into a guitar leslie speaker tremolo effect unit.

Leslie part number 820308E.  EMI number 518102

Full-size motors as in the early Leslie Tone Cabinets – 117 volt  50/60 Hz motors
Motor bearings feel free i.e. not siezed but will no doubt need oiling

Wooden Rotosonic drum with 9″ x 5″ loud speaker and Mercotac mercury connector.
Axis of rotation is horizontal, not vertical, so motors lie horizontally

Proper Leslie fabric covered belt

This unit also has a switching control circuit board fitted.
This should allow mains switching between the motors to be controlled by a low voltage – maybe by switching earth (ground) to one or other control wire.
Might have the info somewhere but will only hunt for this for the buyer.

Collect only – too heavy to post – £100 o.n.o.

No guarantee in view of age