Technics electronic keyboards, digital pianos & ensembles – parts for sale

Keys for most SX-PX pianos, SX-PR ensembles, SX-KN keyboards.
SX-KN800, KN1000, KN2000, KN3000, KN5000, KN6000, KN6500, KN7000 keys

FDD units (floppy disk drives) for many models.  Can usually repair some of the older floppy disc/disk drives like EME213

Can supply new FDD units (floppy disk drives) of the original type for these models
SX-EA3, EA5, F100, FA1, G100, G100A, G100C, G100W, KC600, KC611, KN1500, KN3000, KN6000, KN6500, KN901, KN920, KN930, PR1000, PR500, PR500M, PR51, PR52, PR53, PR600, PR600M, PR603, PR603M, PR700, PR700M, PR703, PR703M, PR900, PR900B, PR900C, PR900R, PR900W, PR903, PR903B, PR903C, PR903H, PX665, WSA1, WSA1R

Speakers (loud speakers) – can sometimes supply a better replacement than the original.
To supply a suitable speaker I need to know the model number of the piano you have.

Someone telephoned wanting a replacement speaker but didn’t know which piano he has!