Service manuals and spare parts for pianos, organs and keyboards

Many service manuals and spare parts for sale

Service manuals, schematics, schematic diagrams/drawings for
Acetone, Farfisa, Hammond, Casio, Eminent, Solina, Lowrey, Roland, Yamaha, Rodgers …. loads more makes!

Leslie motors, Leslie kits instructions, Leslie cables, Leslie half-moon switches, Leslie relays, Leslie kit parts, Leslie adaptors, Leslie connectors, Amphenol connectors, Leslie and Yamaha rotary tremolo unit assemblies, old valves, Hammond tonewheel organ bits, Hammond keys, Hammond drawbar assemblies, Hammond drawbar parts, Hammond vibrato scanner, expression pedals, new Farfisa expression pedal, new Hammond expression pedal, new reverb trays, divider chips, top octave chips, keyer chips, divider-keyer chips, transistors, buckets of bucket brigade chips, keyer boards from Hammond Regent, Lowrey chips, Conn multiplexer chip … all either new or used (pulled from working organs, pianos, synths and keyboards).