Leslie tremolo unit – 2 speed, 240v, internal, polystyrene drum, horizontal axis

Internally mounted type from a home organ.  NOT a Leslie cabinet!
Needs to be mounted in something.
Includes loud speaker and drive belt.
15 ohms   8 inch or possibly 10 inch speaker (hard to tell without dismantling)

Could be made into a guitar leslie effect speaker tremolo unit.

Tested on 240 volts.  Working but needs new, small O ring for slow / chorale motor.
The O ring is smaller diameter than the one used in many Leslie cabinets.
Motors are physically smaller than the ones used in many Leslie cabinets.
Genuine Leslie motors but part numbers have faded and can’t be read.

Does not include speed control switches or suppression capacitors.
Can supply these if required.

Collect only – £40

No guarantee in view of age