Floppy disk/disc drives, new FDD units for Technics for sale

Brand new FDD units in stock for the following Technics models

EA3, EA5
KC600, KC611
KN901, KN920, KN930, KN1400, KN1500, KN1600, KN2400, KN3000, KN3500
KN6000, KN6500, KN7000
PR51, PR52, PR53, PR54, PR500, PR600, PR700, PR900, PR950,
PR602, PR702, PR902, PR603, PR703, PR903, PR604, PR804, PR1000
PX336, PX338, PX665

I do not have FDD units for the models below but may be able to repair yours
F100, FA1, G100, GA1, GA2, GA3
KN1200, KN5000
PR170, PR270, PR370, PR303, PR305, PR307